Are You Sick of Feeling That Heavy Ickyness in the Bottom of Your Gut When It Comes to Paying Your Bills or Being Able to Afford What You Want or Need?

Are You Ready to Have a Better Relationship With Money?

Are You Ready to Be Able to Call in Money and Create the Freedom, the Time, Ease, Less Stress and Overwhelm When It Come to Money?

Are You Seeking Clarity and Awareness About Abundance?

Are You Ready to Release the Stuck and Stagnant Feeling About Money?

MONEY Shouldn't Be a Dirty Word!

Receiving it shouldn't be so hard to do! So, let's use real-world strategies to release all barriers to money, amplify your income, and manifest money on command!

Money Magnet Intensive is all about you building a new relationship with money. One that will allow you to manifest whatever amount your heart truly desires. Call in money from source energy and truly understand your own power with money.

Why Money Magnet Intensive?

We all know that in order to make change and transformation we need an exchange of energy, money is energy and it is the energy of transformation and commitment.

If you don't commit now, when will you commit?

Are you wanting to look back a year from now and say” I wish I just jumped in ?” Do you like the feeling of regret?

Or are you ready to take charge of your financial future and just jump into what will be a transformational, fun, 30-day live program!

It's your time right now to take charge of your financial future and create your personal economy.

✔ Anyone Ready to take the leap into manifesting money.

✔ If you have been thinking of coaching but maybe never thought you could afford it, but ready to take the next step and invest in your future.

✔ The entrepreneur who can't seem to crack the money code.

✔ The stay at home mum with a side hustle but ready to take it seriously and bring in the bacon, big time.

✔ Just so you know caching is not for the faint-hearted…the non-committed person.

✔ You must be fully in, to creating a better future.

✔ You can be in a JOB or self-employed as long as you stay open and curious about the opportunities that you will be calling in.

✔ You must be ready to take 100% responsibility for your results and your life, this is where the magical manifestors reside! No victims here.

✔ You must be truly ready, willing to change your financial life for the better.

Face your fears and do it anyway!

What's In the Course?

What Our Students Say

“Learning how to create money and manifest on demand has literally changed my life. Owning and running my own multi million dollar construction business exposed lots of fear around money. Rebecca taught me how to rebuild my relationship with money and create abundance. You gotta do this course!”

CEO & Entrepreneur ~ Adelaide, Australia

Michelle Lutze

“I cannot say enough about the benefits of working with Rebecca except you have to try it yourself and see! Get a free consultation when she has them available, but hurry, because I heard they are filling out fast. This course is a must for every entrepreneur regardless if you're brand new or have been around for a while. Don't wait to start it!”

Finance Executive & Entrepreneur

Andrea Florescu

“Since you have been working your magic in my world I have this lightness in my step and heart with a knowing that my blocks have been shifted. I know this as things that I have been asking for are coming my way. This course and working with Rebecca resulted in a $42,000 windfall.”

Happiness Coach & Entrepreneur ~ Australia

Debra Hicks

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